The target word mission to enhance the brand to do the long tail word transformation

like this kind of keywords is of great value, but also can not be compared with the brand "brand, difficult words is difficult to promote it, need to spend a lot of time and experience to the promotion, the cost is very high. But this thing must be done, because this is a circle with the times, you can turn to many users you win, the Shanghai dragon is also a great help to enhance weight. Of course, in other words is also valuable, such as target keywords can also enhance the visibility of your site, your site popularity is high, then the opposite will enhance the competitiveness of your target keywords. We all know that Shanghai dragon circles Shanghai dragon WHY is by Shanghai dragon the long-term target keywords ranking in the major search engine page, so Shanghai dragon WHY naturally became our industry brand website.

Shanghai dragon or network marketing people must know the keywords of the different types is a different role, we must understand this effect, we can make better use of these keywords. Especially for this show is more important, but not different keywords can play is the same. For example, click on this issue of brand word click rate is very high, such as users to search our brand word Tianpai tin is obviously, for us, and will click, click the word high conversion probability is great, because people are rushing to you. Another key is the navigation, such as tin, people only know to find tin, do not know to find what kind of tin. It will continue to select, click on the search engine to the results.

once a brand website also recruited a group of grass root, this is a group of grass root was to get the world’s grass root you want to be the largest user groups in the society. People just entering the industry, the first site is exposed to Shanghai dragon WHY sure, although there are many outstanding Shanghai dragon website, but not so famous, so they do not know, most people only know some things on the surface. I asked some play Shanghai dragon one or two years of people do not know the light of the forum, of course, now closed, that is I have seen the highest quality of Shanghai dragon forum, in addition to BSG now I haven’t found the quality of Shanghai dragon forum. Although something valuable, but you do not know, this is the strength of the brand.

is the long tail keywords precise words, more accurate, and if you can guess the user’s heart to live, the layout of the long tail word in your website. Your conversion rate is very high, when we have sex in Shanghai was calculated for each word for the cost of those words, high conversion rate, low conversion rate which words, promote the transformation of high, give up the low conversion rate. Is generally a month as a cycle, we will through chat software and ask the user to understand the user, how come to our website, through what keywords to our website, general chat software is the most can see clearly, because obviously can know where users to search, what word. >