The Red Army To sum up the high quality of the chain resources Forum

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wanted to push on this blog to release some of the chain resources, and go to the forum friend is found, what kind of post the fire, is the chain of resources released some posts, of course, as many PR value high forum, government network forum, such resources beyond count.

7. sail, sem9


1, A5 forum


forum is more well-known in Shanghai Longfeng English forum, all kinds of English >

if you carefully to try every forum will find a problem, do not let the registration, audit strictly, can’t take the chain, widespread and serious ShanTie similar phenomenon. In short, a waste of time, the effect is not good, but the post time is the forum outside the chain the disadvantages of long, heavy, path is too deep will not climb to the spider, that is to say, the forum outside the chain is not stable. If the forum mainly rely on the chain of words, it is important to adhere to. And the forum released the chain don’t need to register a new forum to try, slowly summed up 20 included fast, high weight forum can be written. Then share the Red soldiers often go to the webmaster forum:

, the laggards

just register can take a chain, subject placard anchor text, found don’t warned banned, it is also a good.

is not registered, it is also pretty fast, the theme of the forum is to promote the network, network marketing, forum for many tasks, upgrade faster, just send some post registration signature can take the anchor text.

6, dedecms forum

4, 28

is also a belongs to the network promotion forum, set up after a push, it is also a good time, but currently Netcom line access speed is slow, want to take the chain need to achieve promotion intern level, generally require global 1-2 months. More restrictions.

5, super stationmaster forum

2, a push

in my impression is the laggards forum included the fastest, behind 10 years although gradually has been left behind, but the weight of perennial accumulation is still in, but the behind can take the chain, and want to fall behind at least 2 months… I haven’t left behind.

replies over 50 can take the chain, the main communication technology is establishment, Shanghai Longfeng station is also essential, dedecms is the mainstream of the domestic management system, it is worth learning

need to spend 10 dollars, divided into A1-A5 station, with the level of increase, character signature characters can be added more features: website included so quickly, a lot of weight, communication is also basically webmaster kind of problem, the theme can keep the original post a link.

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