The construction of the chain rule is not a member of Shanghai dragon er know

find the acquisition source

website ranking, the chain is not all we ever made has effect on the ranking, some chain is only you had hair, flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, behind the station will give you deleted, I personally feel that such a link does not have what meaning. Today Zigong Shanghai dragon mainly to share three questions about the chain. The construction of long chain, instant N chain, all links in construction.

long chain construction

Internet has a more authoritative collection site site attracted many, we have to do is try to own website or articles published in the source text, this is not only the chain is used, it is the role for the promotion of a certain thing, published by the form of soft, as long as they have a lot of soft, which is great for the role of marketing. Back to the chain on the topic of our paper, we will get up on the release of at least one URL site links, collect a lot of the past will retain our URL address or anchor text. So we can get the chain lightning N, write a classic article to capture source, is a good way to get quick links!

universal chain website

do not know if you have the habit of monitoring their chain. If you are monitoring the chain of Shanghai dragon Er, I believe you will find that many of his chain is lost in the near future. Some webmaster delete, some space is not expired or is depressed due to various reasons such as. For these links only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum I suggest you not to go, and if one day this link you sent me all disappeared, on your website ranking will cause a great impact! I took a little Bo article my own example. "The black chain, Shanghai dragon" optimization of the final blow before the end point I will be posted to the Chinaz and some other Admin5 station, in fact, give me a link, whether or not we are the link anchor text, but. Chinaz and Admin5 think this station is not said one or two days to collapse, it is always in the chain. This link is our pursuit of the Shanghai dragon Er link. To this blog I don’t usually go, let’s put aside the NF attribute, we say he can do long, usually a blog just a few months of life cycle. This chain is not meaningful! All I suggest you go to some place outside the chain of authority. Small place or don’t go!

Shanghai dragon The establishment of

you know is important is, if we want to be outside the chain of Shanghai dragon in self-sufficiency, we do not know the future will do the website is what type of ah, at this time I suggest you do a news site. The news was not a fixed theme nor a fixed keyword. So we can be released from all walks of life in the above article, said the relevant.

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