Shanghai Longfeng stations operating skills


three: station group manipulation

station group of Shanghai dragon skills, I believe this problem has been a lot of Shanghai dragon friends concern. Maybe when the "station group" the term, you can directly to the "station group" Lenovo to the black hat Shanghai Dragon (please refer to "what is the black hat Shanghai dragon? Why to avoid the black hat Shanghai dragon?") above, in fact, if you do, then you are wrong. We do not care what stations is not belongs to the black hat Shanghai dragon, today we look at the station group of Shanghai dragon is how to make money:

station group of Shanghai dragon in the understanding of how to make money, it is very necessary for us to understand what is the station group name! "Stations" generally refers to the several dozens or even hundreds. A group of websites, the website group, we call them stations! Maybe you’ve also heard "Pan station group" this concept, pan station group is through the use of a top-level domain name, the domain name and then pan analysis, the formation of many two domain names, making a single page using these two domain names, so as to form the station group. But this single page station group has a disadvantage that there is no update, generally only survived a few days after dish. If you want to operate stations to make money, we have to consider the factors of "long", so we generally do stations are used to operate the independent domain name.

two: the station group of Shanghai dragon money mode

stations in Shanghai dragon model to make money by means of a large number of sites, the key to optimize the long tail keywords within the industry (please refer to "the long tail keyword optimization techniques"). For example, we want to make a station group mode, we can choose some long tail keywords: Shanghai dragon training, Shanghai dragon network training, Shanghai dragon system training and so on a series of the industry has a commercial value. These are the key to ICIBA high conversion rate accounted for Shanghai love home. Use independent domain name to optimize the long tail keywords. Station group model is a very effective Internet marketing mode. This model has nothing to do with cheating.


station group of Shanghai dragon, because we are building a very large group, sometimes we need to avoid the risk of love Shanghai on our website collective right down. If not right down, we have to prepare in advance, only in this way, even if the love is Shanghai on our website drop right, only to me.

station note group of Shanghai Dragon

first station group mode is in a web based ordinary copy up to add multiple sites. Even we can use the same site procedures and methods. The station optimization group of Shanghai dragon is relatively simple. We understand how to optimize a website, we will know how to do station group of Shanghai longfeng. So the station group of Shanghai Longfeng isn’t so mysterious.

: what is the station group

A simple understanding of