Single page sales site Shanghai Longfeng optimization based planning to share

is a website title and description is very important, in the search engine’s title and description, we have to do our Title prominent, clear, natural accumulation; site Description to be clear whether households potentially attractive! Click on your website, the title and description of the website plays a big role.

The most effective ! statement!

my site Title: to _ Yam Yam products which good effect _ Sanari Wahaha products (official site), how to raise questions about the reaction of potential customers; and then further comparison, which effect is good, so many Internet products, consumers will choose high quality and inexpensive high-quality products; the next step is to clear my the product has the effect, the official further narrow the desire to buy.

personnel should know the importance of the Shanghai dragon website Title, I like this single page, a home page of the site to introduce several plan our every web page of the Title, this is the first step we do a single page of Shanghai dragon

second single page website Keywords to try to choose your ultimate goal.

is a common web page traffic will account for 60%-70%. But Paul allowed which keywords at once in a page of the article. So it is best not to do a single page website, but do not rule out the need to have a single page website exists. This is Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon /SEM promotion Q:1318967560 say they engaged in a single page website optimization experience:

: the first single page website Title exquisite planning must be clear, do not appear keywords accumulation suspicion.


again: single page website Description website about to seize the center, instead of the tired.

Where do !Keywords:

home to their products first target keywords to write, and then a few simple page with second keywords, keywords and long tail keywords are subject to such arrangements! Home most of the traffic, and several section of our relatively long tail keywords of their products to considerable traffic! I introduce page in my products, adding what effect, such as price keywords written by

page is more traffic entrance website is bigger, single page website (including several pages) itself is Shanghai dragon of the dead, optimization is relatively difficult! Then we do a single page website Shanghai dragon must do the basic


description should avoid keyword stuffing, highlighting the core site in the description of the appropriate keywords is necessary, additional keywords not reflected in front of keywords, and overall site content and location are closely related, has always been to the positioning of the site as the core for dot expansion. The website of the center of written more than 70 words, two sentences! Best described as brand publicity to attract click write