Site optimization white paper cost utility

guidance from white paper, Shanghai dragon experience first direction is to follow the trend of user search. How to meet the needs of users, enhance the comprehensive quality of the website is the webmaster to carry out the work. Here he proposed cost utility, is still under consideration of "the study quality and content of the audience.

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"cost utility is still according to user needs, and strengthen to address the needs of users to improve the quality of site cost. But only for the website ranking page cost will only make the site into a vicious spiral, will not bring any advantage to the site.

second, the effectiveness and integrity of information we have to analyze the content of the page. For Internet users, the effectiveness and completeness of the information can attract Internet users. The effectiveness is mainly aimed at the general strong news portals, but for the enterprise website, the effectiveness of more information than the hotspot information users. While information integrity will affect the content of the page added value, don’t appear for more details, please listen to the next time decomposition. ". Originally, in order to attract users to click here, but we should know that the Internet is open space, you can not completely solve the needs of users, will take this opportunity to rival, when your rivals for the first time for the user to solve the demand when your content information has become chicken ribs. The content of web pages, do not then, if released to complete, this is also one of the news content requirements. Incomplete information will reduce the quality of the content of the page, so we must pay attention to.

first, we have to analyze the site cost, the cost of the website is not hardware, but the content of the web site layout. For example, many sites will use some multimedia means to attract users, for example, such as the background music video. These pages cost means to a large extent to attract users to the site, but for different types of Web sites, the cost of strengthening is uncertain. If the industry website video settings to meet the needs of users, so the cost will be recorded in the Shanghai love page content points in details; on the contrary, not just mechanically user needs must fall in love with details, will determine the cost of the sea to strengthen the means of cheating, and deduction processing, not on site is the utility cost beneficial.

love Shanghai web search quality white for website from the content quality, web browsing experience and accessibility of the three perspectives of website optimization, which will become one of the standard of love Shanghai website evaluation. Even so many owners are reflected in this case website ranking is more difficult to do, the fact is that so? Today and the author Dennis a ranking of the cost utility analysis of the rate of white paper.