Analysis of the causes of the line on the website after a period of time in the page is not included

is not a new station on the line, as long as the original content will be included, also properly led a spider. From the line on the website, in addition to what I did on A5 cast article "analysis of some high weight included a good light blog", in the Shanghai dragon why a message, you have done what other jobs, new station was not what weight, often will seduce spider come slowly.

5. little action

search engine to railway station

search engine has the assessment period of the new station, but some time some short time only, I think I should belong to the unfortunate group. Google is famous for the new friendly, but miserable is Guo blog was not included, not even a hair, and love of Shanghai is a "stepmother", more strictly to the new audit. I doubt whether I was excited because of a forget to submit your site to Google search engine now…

website launched in February 26th, today nearly 3 months time, during this period, although also adhere to update the original article, but is still only included a home page (like Shanghai), also once self comfort is the search engine search for the new assessment result, but his pause to think about me. In addition to writing articles every day, did not seem to be doing what contributions included, not only what contribution has been dragging, often something different. Self reflection, to my blog, for example, summed up the website from several reasons like the search engine.

1. is likely to reflect the

also maintained almost one day a renewal of efforts (except weekend), but for the new station, the number is less, although the article is the code out, also is his experience and experience sharing, but not sure whether the content has been used up, if it is it is now being used, the content on the website is search engine that is repeated without giving the content included no wonder, or town may really be the quality of the content, it must own ponder!


sometimes love Shanghai database update, will put out a lot of previously included the articles, that is due to this reason, at least temporarily that website does not have what problem.


line on the site, modify and other small action is not stopped, the middle slightly changed the title page of the article is to change the most, this is my heart the most cowardly place, do Shanghai dragon knows just the line of the railway station, the most taboo is arbitrarily changed, I was tempted to share that restless and repeatedly revised, although some changes are very small, but for new sites, all changes are possible in love Shanghai sandbox, and recently.

The content of the

3. may be included to not put out just

activity is not enough

4. the