The five reason analysis of the web site is included has been declining

web server is stable and the spider crawling website for the website ranking effect is very large, for example, when a spider crawling to the site of the door, found the site to go into or when the spider crawling to half of the site suddenly crashes, so it is easy to produce a website is not conducive to the spider crawling mentality. The server is not stable and not only caused the spider crawling is not smooth, for users to access the site, suddenly the website cannot open, natural and loyal users will leave his post. So, the website appeared included decreased, the server is a source check the most basic search engine, and each big update, will also clean up the database some invalid link, if not visit your site in the search engine update, natural easily search engine is cleared.

The structure of

webmaster in exchange Links and analysis of website optimization website is a reasonable basis and included is stable has a very large, generally speaking, the web site is included in every day continued to decline, then the site is down right from the distance not far away, this time should be to check on the website, see is their own website or search engine problems, if the last three days included the amount of decline, then the problem is mostly appear in their own on the site. Because know the website included quantity decline means that their website to search engine no longer friendly, so that the search engine had suspected, or their own websites are not conducive to search engine information. So, for these reasons, the owners need long-term. Today I share your website for several reasons causing the decline of

site structure


two, website content

now the establishment of a website is search engine included EASY. Many of the new online the day can be search engine included, but many owners found that even if their website every day included, but the total amount is included in the continuing decline of this double situation in the end what is the reason? In fact, the most important is the content, may be the most of the content of your website is the collection, and the search engine for the content of offensive acquisition webmaster all know, if your website content most of the collection from the same day, even by the search engine included, for a long time to find a large number of search engine and web content to repeat degree is high weight, the content of your natural delete is not negotiable, so, according to the website included quantity decreased, owners should be analyzed from the aspects of the content of the website, after all, is the soul of the website, repeat too much Content is not suitable for the search engine included rules.

, a server problem

website is a spider crawling website is a channel of the most basic, if your website structure appeared unfavorable to the spider crawling words, could not make a spider crawling smoothly, and thus the spiders can not crawl the website cannot capture content, but also to keep the spider "