Share the dragon training market in Shanghai flood and coping strategies

flooding optimization method. Some training companies in pursuit of short-term effect will encourage students properly adopted some black cap technique, although these methods have too much impact on the site in the early not, but this company venality, not assume corporate responsibility should, for students is not imparting seriously, they just teaching, pseudo original accumulation keywords students feel energy effectively, this is actually the victims of their own.

Proliferation of

flooding. The training company slogan than a ring, a tempting, like what "no matter who you are, that you 100% learn to earn money", "free Shanghai dragon tutorial, students success rate of more than 97%", but the slogan behind, we do not know of its true strength.


training. Now the market is generally divided into several levels of 499, 899, 1599, the gap between each other charge is mainly reflected in the "start time", in other words, you pay the high tuition fees, the time required is small, but the fact is it? In my opinion, a lot of charges for different training programs with the same the training program, and they say different words is just the length of time.

through the above optimization case, Xiaowen of the practitioners, slogans, training content, optimization means flood analysis, we are not feeling not to attend training company? In fact, we do not have to be so, because we can hand on guidance website predecessors not so good looking in around us, we still have a lot of time on your own. > and

optimization case. Now just to find an optimized training company, the other side will come up with such case, all key words in the field of industry are No.1, suddenly spooked. But such data are really? I do not think of it, there are many employees are rushing to a one-time sale, in order to attract more students at lie made data, and when you after paying tuition really began to learn to know cheated.

The slogan of

although the Shanghai dragon has no original technology that scenery, more and more sites because of this reason is love Shanghai K off, but it is undeniable that Shanghai Longfeng optimization compared to the auction, marketing still have their own advantages, stability and benefits as well as the characteristics of strong still let everyone talked about. But want to do optimization webmaster has a heart problem, which is now the Shanghai dragon training market is really tangled, people have to tighten their purse to prevent being cheated, because it appears from an old webmaster, now the training market is too "flood".


employees. Where there is demand, where there is a market, not to mention the rich flow of oil in the search industry, not money, why will the 360 broke up into the flood? But let each other practitioners in the fierce competition between key words more difficult to optimize, so all kinds of cheating, all kinds of black hat tactics came back, the whole the industry has become The atmosphere was foul.