Shanghai Longfeng case positive effects of high quality the chain of keywords ranking

Zhu Xiangxiang’s blog does not appear in the first case, this shows that the second view is correct: a good article will bring a large number of the chain for the website to increase website weight. But why is there a lot because of the chain of the drama ran increases causing the site to drop right even by plucking the case? I analyzed due to an increase in the chain to be right down the website data, the site is down right to have a common characteristic: the quality of the chain under, there are many the website’s >

blog last month have been wandering in the second page, came to the home page, second days will return to the second page. Probably because in August and September nearly two months did not update the blog to be love Shanghai right down, plus Shandong Shanghai dragon on the ranking of words not very concerned about, only occasionally check, so the keyword ranking has been tepid. Someone asked what happened and what is the relationship between this article? Don’t worry, immediately said.


in second days after the submission, the chain never my blog to 600 directly increased to around 1800; "Shandong Shanghai dragon" the keywords ranking directly from sixteenth to third. At that time I was still playing the drums, after all, the chain increased three times, who can not be calm. I spent second days in apprehension. The third day of the chain to 1900, keywords ranking directly to the first row.

Shanghai dragon industry has a basic common sense: the chain will increase to a large number of short-term keywords website ranking of adverse effects, light is the site right down, while direct K station. At the same time, there is another common sense: a good soft Wen will bring a large number of the chain for the website to increase website weight. Many novice Shanghai dragon will have doubts, the two sense seems to be contradictory. Shandong Shanghai dragon also had this doubt, always thought with a soft way to bring the chain is for some big site, because the site outside the chain generally reached a relatively large number of soft brought outside the chain for the chain in general is not a substantial increase. As for small sites, such as Shandong Shanghai dragon blog, the chain was small, this method is not applicable; otherwise it will cause the first case, the website is down right even K station. So I never add the chain for the website in the form of soft.

in my blog right down, I want to take my blog about experiment with a soft chain increases what are the consequences. Shandong Shanghai Longfeng very carefully wrote a post about "there are some misunderstandings in Shanghai Longfeng industry", and then submitted to the A5 forum and the owners of the house.

the days for me is very hard, although in the experiment, the site is down right heart ready, but still hope that my blog can safely come after all, Shandong Shanghai Longfeng pour the blog of a lot of effort. But I worry is unnecessary, but now, have been in love in Shanghai ranked first, without any changes.