How to select the appropriate key words to make a website more traffic on their own

1. ensures that someone search


2. to ensure that reduce the difficulty of the optimization

can not be overlooked!

what is the most important?? flow? These are not the main purpose, effective flow of the transformation is the purpose, even if the company has sufficient strength, beyond the scope of the budget will be very popular keywords to the front row, not necessarily the input-output ratio is the best choice. In the face of search users search for a single word, it is very difficult to determine the user’s search motivation and purpose, a search for "Shanghai dragon", it is very difficult to determine who is to search the Shanghai dragon training ah, or just want to understand what is the Shanghai dragon, like the user to provide professional training to Shanghai dragon website no what opportunities into paying customers.

3. to seek effective flow

no concept of Shanghai dragon people will first think of the name of your company, enterprise or is the name of their products to choose keywords, but you have not thought about when you do not have any company’s products and corporate brand awareness, no users will go to search your selected keywords since considered representative products, if the general name does not contain the name of the same product is also no one will go to search. To choose the appropriate keyword first to confirm the user search times to reach a certain magnitude, if this negligence, may have disastrous consequences,

if the words as "Shanghai dragon training" which has more targeted, more users have revealed the intention to buy, if the target keywords positioning to the "Wuhan Shanghai dragon training", it has commercial value is higher, almost certainly the users looking for a particular field. This search for the user to reach your >

just finished construction of the station began to make friends with Wuhan Shanghai dragon when easy to make one of the biggest mistakes is hastily pick a keyword, it will lead to two results: one is the key to do ranking how also do not go up, the two is to think good keywords do first after did not find what flow. Let’s talk about why to do keywords. To determine the meaning of the words summed up as follows:

Shanghai dragon

found some search amount of words is not meant to be targeted in the most popular, the most searched words, imagine yourself as a user, if you search for "Shanghai dragon", "travel", "ticket" this single word, there will be a large amount of search but, after all you see is the first few pages, in the face of the large amount of information attacks, as small and medium-sized enterprises or individual owners we want to do these words is still very difficult, unless you have strong resources, of course, a lot of human resources. So only reach a certain number of search keywords as the premise, difficulty is not too large, optimize your network can achieve good effect in your budget and cycle.