Love Shanghai new algorithm analysis the chain and the content of what is important


this problem is actually more simple, as long as the chain you can bring traffic, will be useful for the website ranking. Shall not release some of the garbage outside the chain, the chain of deception, induce the user to enter the website (if it is a waste of the chain, will cause users to jump out of a relatively high rate) caused by invalid access to the website, then certainly has the reverse effect.

2) whether the chain has a direct effect on the



1) a site with high quality content scarcity and user needs is essential, as a formal corporate website, did not do any chain, there have been no update to four or five months, but because of lack of the article had accumulated a lot of high quality thin, resulting in in these months he can still keep the home page in the major search engines, although the ranking will be written but always keep home fluctuation. This is why? In fact, the reason is very simple, high quality content at the site in the day and night update required by the user when the daily average has attracted about 400 independent IP, because the content is high quality content is scarce, so even if the site the next day is not updated, but still not forgotten still, it will be the search engine users to search. If you want to climb to the first second websites, so as long as the next day to continue updating can contribute to traffic rise up. From this example we can see that the content of the website, and is very useful for the website, even if the site article is not included, as long as your content is of high quality, so this paper will be 100 weighted, sooner or later will be included.

usually we see such problems if you are a novice webmaster or Shanghai dragon will be the first time flashed on several factors, such as site optimization in mind: the structure of the site, in the chain, set the URL address standardization, reasonable layout, chain distribution, Links, user experience, etc.. But what is the ultimate cause of the website ranking, in fact all this vague, do not know specifically who influenced whom, basically no one can normally give an answer, everything is based on guessing (or even extreme a mode to go in the end).

then this vine design to share with you, and the content of the website chain which ranked a greater impact. First, we need to analyze what website to determine the ranking? Whether is the basic principle of love now in Shanghai, Sogou, 360, haosou or SOSO have. Rattan design thought for search engines, the main factors of website ranking has two aspects: 1, site traffic; 2, the content of the site itself. Whether you are in high quality content and the chain, the search engine will be regarded as can bring traffic (of course, the flow rate is not garbage flow) is the best.

search engine to judge whether there is a value chain, mainly rely on the user’s browsing time and click on the page number, if the user is love, so this kind of content >