How to lay a good foundation website

We all know that

, filler content and the chain quickly is a price to pay

search engines love website every day with fresh content, so we mostly think so, updated daily some articles than once filled filled, even a lot of training teachers that taught them, we believe in this. But everything can not be too absolute, I run a Mobile Games website, then we are done in the framework of a site filled with a large number of content in, followed by the hands of the resources to do it Links and chain. How the result? The other search engines have good performance, included very well, and in the love of Shanghai, also included a little increase, but the price is home within a month has not been included. (PS: I think this is in the range of

this is not to say, although the price you pay, but this loss is within the acceptable range, and it is not clear that this operation is less than the normal operation of the other.

, do not get rich quick

optimization does not have to be too observant of conventional standards.

Two can make up)Three,

so in conclusion: in my opinion, to lay the foundation of the site can do this: in the space domain framework is good, a website to start filling the contents of a large number of (not all of this is good, 1/3-1/2 between). After the second day update a fixed amount (preferably greater than 10), see the website types do not understand, adjust. In front of the chain can be 5 days a chain, a day after the construction.

many people think of what to do when you start operation, so that when the line on the website, found here there is wrong, wrong. This time will be tinkering with online, it is not affected by the search engine love, so do not act with undue haste, sometimes slow down are not necessarily good.

is engaged in website optimization has more than 4 years, had also too observant of conventional standards. Zoupian Jian Feng, too, is not clear to say which way is good, but the purpose of different operation methods are different. In my opinion, is the beginning of the day too observant of conventional standards. content fixed amount (best original content) after operation to ten and a half months began to slowly increase the construction of the chain, and slowly growing website. But this is a kind of ideal phenomenon, we love Shanghai is not open, so there are a lot of problems appear to undermine our ideal phenomenon, a lot of website of the author is also such a failure.

I want to share today is, how on the site began to lay the foundation. Well begun half is not successful, but at least can make a web site after will go some way. I did a lot of website optimization, most of them are successful, up, failure are eliminated, but these have let me harvest. Many successful methods, the reasons for the failure to so few. Here I come to talk about how to lay a good foundation for a website: