The entrepreneur founded 100 million start up companies with annual revenues of more than twoGive y

makes little money girl do not think of is, this boy actually only 17 years old.

this man should have never thought, and then did not stop the "melon eating masses" to shoot it down, concurrent to the Internet, and was forwarded by the big V, and he himself, but also by human flesh…

abuse, inside the subway pushing, grab the mobile phone is wrong. Although he is only 17, he should be responsible for his actions.

human flesh, the man opened a micro-blog trumpet for clarification, restore some of the video before the case:

1. organize talents, set processes, and pursue sustainable development.

Steinberg said, in the most brilliant period, InPhonic company received about $400 million in revenue. In 2004, it was named "the fastest growing Private Companies in the United States" by Inc. magazine, and was listed successfully in the year. By 2007, however, the company had gone bankrupt because of poor management and a series of other factors.

briefly review the events:

subway is a public transportation, it is a public place. Scan yards girl >

after the small fortune woman felt the antecedents and consequences, the man is a moral double well, since with family and friends when not love others curse, that when you scold those two girls why bring friends and family

he stood up quickly from setbacks, and business partner John Scully John Sculley – Pepsi’s former president and former apple CEO – founded digital marketing company, the company changed its name to Zeta Interactive in this year. Steinberg said that Zeta Interactive last year created $90 million in revenue; from the beginning of this year to now, it has exceeded $100 million in revenue. He expects the company’s annual growth rate of 90%, its operating profit rate will reach more than 10 percent, which means that the Zeta Interactive company is in the broad road of rapid and healthy development.

on March 5th morning, micro-blog @ safe Beijing issued a document, said, after the night work, the man has been seized.

weekend, the hottest thing is undoubtedly "a man in Beijing abused subway sweeping yards girl."".

it’s almost over here, but there’s more to it than we can think about.

BI Chinese station reported on September 13th

just pay attention to sweeping yards, not rely on products to win word of mouth. They draw sympathy cards on the grounds of entrepreneurship and get attention. This approach can indeed create a "start-up in short time" illusion, but if the venture project does not guarantee the quality of products, and ultimately can not escape the "take off" fate. Friend lamented: this business is "too late to save".

a man and two girls because the promotion of scan code conflict, men’s full names, really intolerable to the ear. During the girl want to alarm, but was snatched a mobile phone, what’s more, in the subway station, the man and the girl out of mobile phone, launched the subway on the blackboard, living, launch time is the moment the subway closed.



if he pushed the girl out of the subway door a little later, would she be injured or even killed?

Steinberg graduated from the University less than a year into the rapid development of the mobile phone industry. In 1992, he founded retail chains and business to business B2B e-commerce company Sterling Cellular. Then he founded Sterling Communications, a telemarketing company. In 1999, he sold the company together with his retail business. In the same year, he founded InPhonic, an online mobile and B2B e-commerce company.


Abstract in his 20 year career, he has learned a profound lesson, which makes him wiser, more efficient and smarter.

as a continuous entrepreneur, Zeta Interactive CEO David David Steinberg A. Steinberg has experienced brilliant success, but also suffered a painful defeat. In his 20 year career, he has learned a profound lesson that makes him wiser, more efficient and smarter.

as hecaitou said in WeChat, "slot past":

Steinberg said that the following are the lessons he has learned from the ups and downs of his career, which have benefited him so far.

for 17 year old man, of course he is wrong.

even though the boy was harassed at first, he had the choice to deal with it. So he should be punished by the law.


Steinberg says one of the reasons for InPhonic’s eventual failure is that it’s growing too fast. Over the course of a year, it has grown from offering 100 thousand discounts to 1 million mobile phones. The company is poorly prepared, whether in terms of manpower or technology. Because the company is difficult to adapt to the new

for two girls who scan code, they are also wrong.