On the two level domain name station how to quickly get the trust of search engine

Two, improve the weight of

robot.txt file is used to stop the search.

has done two level domain optimization could be encountered such a situation, as long as the two level domain name is right down, our top-level domain will be affected, the search engine is your two level domain name is an independent site, it is also our main domain name and website very delicate relationship. We can make an analogy, if we have a master, but if we are in the short term the main domain name opened several two domain names, so for our station will have a huge impact. Two domain names have a certain weight dependence on the domain name, if the domain name included, ranking good, high weight, then you will also have a role to promote our two level domain name. So the author suggests that if you want to open a two level domain, the best do not have a good start, step by step, in addition to the primary domain weight increase also cannot be ignored


Construction of

, a one-way link too much is not necessarily a good

as the optimization professionals should clearly define the one-way links and two-way links, to our Links is a two-way link between the two sites, the weight transfer to each other. If we buy some links, such as the black chain is a one-way link, and the weight of one-way link is a one-way transfer naturally. Yes, the cumulative one-way links to this kind of beneficial and the weights of the site, and some owners think that this kind of link to the more the better, but I think it is not good, especially for us a new station just on the line. Just imagine, a newly established two level domain new station to there will be so many one-way links, search engine will think that your site is to use the means of cheating. This is not a normal phenomenon not only can’t let you out of the search engine of the early review period, the opposite will prolong your review period. The beginning of this bad impression, it will affect your next site included in the ranking.

to build a reasonable structure of the station, the reason is not only to provide a conducive to our optimization environment, more important is to improve the user friendly experience. If we have a site described as a creature, then the chain is connected to all parts of the blood vessels and nerves. For a new two level domain, we should pay more attention to what the problem?

three, the website chain

for a new station in order to obtain the trust of search engine is not simply a short duration of time to complete, especially for those two domains no new weight without PR is more hard. The search engine does not trust is a new online site the most headache, then the two level domain name is how to quickly get the favour of search engine? I will share three points below their

1:robot.txt file