How to improve the site weight and ranking rookie

four, to see the update frequency of the site, but also to look at the site of love Shanghai snapshot is not in two days, if the site is a snapshot before, you talk about how the weight of this website, love Shanghai snapshot follow that name Shanghai spiders don’t love love, then look at the site every day included the contents included how many pages.

for a web site outside the chain can not be ignored one of the more important.

can do continue to believe that your site will slowly go up and the weight will slowly.

, a chain to some weight high places such as some famous places such as blogs and forums to take aim text the best forum to take signature. There is a link, pay attention to the other side of the snapshot and included and PR to exchange Links, can call before to own and similar circumstances.

five, then Sugou said, I personally think that the Sugou PR is more important than Google, because Google’s PR only reflects the quality of the chain and the chain site, but unable to give the weight of the site as a whole, and the weight is related to the ranking. The Sogou will do this, can see a website ranking, with the familiar love Shanghai as example: Sogou index high site is very good in Shanghai ranking, remove sites that are K.

three, the value of ALEXA, more than one million don’t do it this is my personal advice, there may be some friends. Then I explain in ten million sites and one million sites of ALEXA numerical value gap is quite large, but no traffic to visitors, the quality of the website can talk about any

Several methods of more than


two, whether you do the chain or exchange Links should pay attention to look at the site of Shanghai site: home page in love in the first place, if not then it may be right to drop or that web page weight is not high, not high within the pages of such sites need to be careful not to do the most.

has now entered the era of the Internet, more and more people began to seek development in the network, are looking for ways to make detours, but no one can ask for the moon, unless you are lucky, so that people can also is a miracle in a million miles. As the saying goes, no time to succeed? No one can master this! Are from failure to come, and live a more exciting. So to those just entering the Internet these friends do not be anxious, down-to-earth step by step. Don’t ask what the project to make money, do what good website etc.. I want to tell the rookie is the most basic principle to do the webmaster, Shanghai, do not know what you want to do is not possible, let Xiaobian below idsem Hu Peibin to talk about who should and how to improve the ranking rookie website weight.