Web site operators to seize the focus

now want to quickly get the traffic you need daily attention to some of the recent domestic webmaster to some live information and some hot events, today we have simple examples about how to grasp the focus of obtaining high quality in site operation flow and return.

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Real time The picture above is the current hot spots In fact, the

webmaster love Shanghai billboard 贵族宝贝top.baidu贵族宝贝/ to find every day and the recent hot topics, this is conducive to the optimization of our website operation promotion and we also have a clear route to the content of the website, this website gave us bring good traffic and can return in a short period of time.

We can use the thank you for your cooperation!

love Shanghai, the webmaster can see all of the above is the recent search rate is relatively high, but these recent search keyword keyword hot relatively high have continued a few days, rather than the content so we No one shows any interest in the webmaster can make good use of the latest hot to the content of the website is updated in real time, we can focus the content for the website optimization.

station and every day of the new site of different types of released, but there are also many webmaster for website operators are relatively unfamiliar in fact, not only do Shanghai website optimization, website content update dragon aspects still need to learn to catch some of the recent hot daily or to promote a series of the.

if we want to do the site so we webmaster must informed of news faster than ordinary people, so we should look at the TV station in the usual inside news and attention to some newspaper or literary journals, if you are not good at words so we can also use the sea to find some of the more love hot recent events.

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website is to learn to grasp to carry out a series of "speculation", do not waste a resource oriented love Shanghai so good for us, only insist to be able to see the long-term return so you have to act together to

energy-saving (贵族宝贝cqtaihai贵族宝贝) network series published, welcome to reprint, please keep this link, you


and hot love Shanghai are update faster and we can choose some search rate is relatively high but the competition rate is relatively small for Shanghai dragon optimization, 2-3 optimization can persist as long as the theme of a month can bring a good return to the site every day, every day we now have a choice a small part of the webmaster using this method to operate and the effect is very considerable.