The site was attacked a profound lesson

this is my personal experience, let my site, engage in a day, to do a good job, there is no site backup, backup if the individual stationmaster does not have the time, you can download a copy of the plug-in, set what time of day plug-in backup, automatic backup, so every day, hope that the webmaster, don’t go my way and don’t let me such lessons happen to you.

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site was attacked, look at the issue seriously to what extent, if the site is linked to the horse, we were lucky, because some of the poor quality of the hacker, export link URL, we see there is no strange URL, if you see, what I have found. In the program, delete. If we still do not see, because our webmaster, not code master, can not find, can make the person of the website, to help us see.


the webmaster, usually need to put our website vulnerabilities to patch up this website is not easy to find a loophole. Do not need to use the ASP program, because the ASP program, relatively speaking, the security will be poor, try to use the PHP website program.

if the site is all gone, the program all deleted, delete all site procedures, database, web site is completely open, this problem has been more serious, deal with this problem, we need to backup the database website template program before backup, to use the FTP upload a template program, then upload the database file. This backup, we usually need to develop good habits, do not say every day at least 1 weeks backup, backup time, and need to backup files downloaded to your computer, so that no danger of anything going wrong.

site vulnerability, was linked to horse, is a webmaster most is not willing to see things, the light, the website search engine drop right, update the site snapshot time prolonged, serious, search engine K website, let the webmaster hard business website. This is my personal experience to be destroyed on one day.

In this paper, We

website content is changed, we can find our program’s source code, directly from the FTP to the space, you can cover. This fast and convenient, for example: the source code in your computer. No, we in the space business space inside, some space has a previous backup program, we can find the program in the backup, or all re upload procedures.