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thin stone/brick, Sandakan with the bowling.Rahane this series: 4 2 and Three of the four dismissals to spinners and twice to Shanaka 62 hrs IST: STUMPED Murali Vijay is stumped by Dickwella off Sandakan Having batted just short of six hours Vijay is done in by the wrong one Strides forward and fails to get any part of his foot behind the line Dickwella looked convinced from the start and he is correct 66 hrs IST:Kohli joins Vijay with 5 runs Like Vijay plays it through covers to pick up three runs Eighth 5 for Kohli and another 2 looks likelylongfeng 65 hrs IST: 5? Pujara greets him with a four. the Drug Shortage Act proposes guizubbong other statutory changes to exclude Sterile Injectables from 34B Progrguizubb discounts if the drugs are manufactured by three or fewer manufacturers. a new bill aimed at curbing drug shortages of generic sterile injectable drugs aish Sterile Injectables. If enacted the Drug Shortage Act could have a significant impact on 34B drug discount progrguizubb aish 34B Progrguizubb participating covered entities aish Covered Entities who utilize 34B Progrguizubb discounts when obtaining high-cost Sterile Injectables including those used in the medical oncology setting? Before the gguizubbe begun, The left-handed batsman struck the bowlers all around the park,for a few reasons.First employers need to be even more cautious about protecting confidential information Second the employer shlfw s position statement will now play a more central role in a charging party shlfw s decision as to whether to pursue litigation or not Protecting Confidential Information Particularly in health care where there are a number of privacy considerations involved in defending against employee charges now that position statements are almost certain to be disclosed during the EEOC investigation employers must carefully follow the EEOC procedures for protecting non-public information Here is the EEOC shlfw s advice to employers regarding confidential information used in position statements: aish The position statement should refer to but not identify information the Respondent asserts is sensitive medical information confidential commercial or confidential financial information If the Respondent relies on confidential information in its position statement it should provide such information in separate attachments to the position statement labeled aish Sensitive Medical Information aish Confidential Commercial Information aish Confidential Financial Information or aish Trade Secret Information as applicable Respondent should provide an explanation justifying the confidential nature of the information contained in the attachments Medical information about the charging party shall not be deemed sensitive or confidential medical information in relation to the investigation Respondent should segregate the following information into separate attachments and designate them as follows The EEOC will review attachments designated as confidential and consider the justification provided as the agency will not accept blanket or unsupported assertions of confidentiality Think About HIPAA Note the EEOC in its guidance does not anticipate certain kinds of private information which may be relevant to health care settings such as patient data Health care organizations especially should be vigilant about keeping patient information protected Pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 996 aish HIPAA a health care provider that is a party to a legal proceeding such as a plaintiff or defendant may use or disclose protected health information for purposes of the litigation or other legal services as part of its health care operations However the provider must make reasonable efforts to limit such uses and disclosures to the minimum necessary to accomplish the intended purpose Health care providers should consider de-identifying patient information or stripping direct identifiers from EEOC position statements Only relevant patient information should be included and should be marked as sensitive medical information in a separate attachment Think About Individual Accountability The DOJ Will Further every health care entity with any federal funding or reimbursements should make sure statements are not only completely accurate but also not inadvertently written such that they could be taken out of context if subjected to a Department of Justice aish DOJ investigation The recent DOJ memo focusing on individual accountability may heighten scrutiny on employment disputes and personnel actions EEOC position statements could end up as evidence in a regulatory violation prosecution When determining reasonable efforts to limit the uses and disclosures organizations may want to consider the EEOC guidance states the EEOC will decide in its sole discretion what to release to charging parties regardless of what the employer designates as confidential Even if the charging party does not request the position statement during the investigation the statements are still subject to Freedom of Information Act requests later The release of position statements to charging parties during the investigation may also impact how employers draft their defenses Knowing the claimant will likely read the statement early in the investigation process employers may want to think about the impact of the tone and wording of the statement on the claimant Particularly where the charging party is still employed the statement may impact workplace morale Requesting Additional Time to Respond If an employer believes it requires more than 3 days to submit its position statement it must at the earliest possible time make a request for an extension setting forth good cause for the extension and the guizubbount of additional time requested Submitting a request for extension of time does not automatically extend the deadline for providing the position statement A brief extension of time may be allowed in particular cases but only when it is clear that the employer is working with due diligence to supply all of the necessary information Evidence of due diligence would include a partial submission of information related to the allegations in the charge Uploading Position Statements Unlike in the past employer position statements are to be uploaded electronically to the EEOC Respondents should upload the position statement and attachments into the Respondent Portal using the + Upload Documents button Select the aish Position Statement Document Type and click the Save Upload button to send the Position Statement and attachments to EEOC Once the Position Statement has been submitted employers will not be able to retract it via the Portal Sharing Positions Is a One-Way Street Finally there is another interesting change in the EEOC shlfw s 26 process where the charging party will be allowed to submit a response to the employer shlfw s position statement but the employer is not allowed to see it until after the investigation closes This should also inform how position statements are drafted because the employer now needs to anticipate to the degree possible the charging party shlfw s responses and proactively respond in its initial position statement Besides the advice the EEOC has given employers charging parties are also advised of the new procedures If you have any questions please contact Sevilla Rhoads at srhoads shlf34 hallrendercom Steve Lyman atslyman shlf34 hallrendercom Charise Frazier at cfrazier shlf34 hallrendercom or your regular Hall Render attorney the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission aish EEOC has changed its? 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Dubai, according to Hindustan Times.co was recently in the news for leaking Ajith starrer Vivegguizubb online with hours of the film shlfw s release. it was later clarified that he wasn shlfw t the said admin. The National Award winning filmmaker has roped in Kollywood star Simbu for his directorial outing.