Chief Metals and Mining Investment Strategist Loui

first_imgChief Metals and Mining Investment Strategist Louis James sees great things for both silver and gold producers just over the horizon. In this podcast interview for Gecko Research, he explains why now may be the time to act despite your fears, and offers some specific guidance. Listen to the podcast here.Having been mentored by legendary speculator Doug Casey himself, Louis James’ track record speaks for itself. And it doesn’t come from luck nor other people’s work: he spends most of his time traveling to remote areas of the world so that he can kick rocks with company geologists and talk to locals to assess the politics surrounding exploration and mining. Right now he’s got his eye on several juniors that appear poised to be taken over by larger companies – that’s precisely where the junior precious-metals sector offers its most outsized gains. Can you set aside your fear and position yourself to reap large rewards?last_img