September 8 2002 At our 21st Annual Colly Concert

first_imgSeptember 8, 2002 At our 21st AnnualColly Concert, celebrating the late CollySoleri’s birthday, Lila Downs performed at the Arcosanti Amphitheater.With her broad range voice, Lila delivered a captivating stageperformance with lyrical prowess in Spanish, English and a language ofher own indigenous Mexico. [Photo & text: T] Despite thelong-waited, yet untimely thunderstorm in the dry desert thatthreatened the evening event, the show went on as scheduled and createdan extraordinary experience for the audiences. [Photo & text: T] As with most of ourconcert/dinner events, the Arcosanti Cafe hosted the attendees at a special dinnerfeaturing the South-of-Border flavors: Guacomole with Yacca Chips,Chilled Chayote Squash Soup, Spring Mix, Orange Tabouli, Mole Chicken,Blue Corn Tamales, Pinto and Pumpkin, Cinnamon Vanilla Ice Cream andAlmond Cookies. [Photo & text: T]last_img