NYCC Jacob Batalon on Ned and Ganke Spideys Abs and that LEGO

first_img Hands-On: Monster Energy Supercross is More Exciting Than Soft DrinksCosplay Gallery: New York Comic Con 2017, Part 2 Stay on target Spider-Man: Homecoming is easily one of the three best Spider-Man movies ever made. It was its own thing, unlike any of the Spidey attempts that had come before. It was also hilarious, thanks in large part to Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds. With Spider-Man: Homecoming out on Blu-ray on October 17, Batalon took some time at New York Comic Con to talk to us about the movie, the origins of Ned and his friendship with Tom Holland.First, something I’ve been wondering ever since I saw the movie. Are Peter Parker’s abs real or were the CGI? (He looks like such a little guy!) Batalon can confirm they’re legit. He’s done the research. ‘Yes, I’ve felt them personally. Not in some, like, weird way. I’ve just touched them a couple of times, and I can say… they’re pretty legit. Unless he’s putting some kind of metal thing in his stomach, I don’t know.”With that cleared up, he told me a little about Ned. When the world got a first look at the character, Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis had some words. Ned appeared to be a little too similar, Bendis thought, to Miles Morales’ best friend, Ganke. Batalon was fully aware of the comparison, saying he likes Ganke, but Ned is a different guy.“Ganke is a cool guy. He’s an amazing, amazing friend just like Ned is. I think that in the creative process, we kind of put together Ned Leeds and Ganke to make our own thing, and I think that… just wait to see what happens, I guess,” Batalon said.Jacob Batalon and Tom Holland (Via Columbia Pictures)For one thing, Batalon sees Ned helping out a lot more. ‘He does a lot more things to help Spider-Man be a superhero. Ganke’s just like the vibey best friend,” he said. Ideally, Batalon would like to see that helping role continue as the series goes on. “If he could, like, follow Peter to the Avengers, meets Black Widow, you know what I mean? I feel like if he met her, his life would be complete. I think that’s just where his head’s at right now.”In the movie, all Ned wants is to be the Guy in the Chair for Peter. Batalon would love to see Ned expand that role and be in the ear of every Avenger. He would not tell me if he’s in either Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers 4. It sounded like he might not even know himself. “I mean, I’ll tell you this: I would love to,” he said.He and Holland got to be really good friends on set almost instantly, and it shows in the movie. Their easy chemistry with each other is one of the things that made the movie so charming. From the moment the pair had a screen test together as part of Batalon’s audition, they hit it off. Mostly, he says, because they were the same age and into a lot of the same stuff. “It was spending a lot of time together and just messing about. It was honestly really irresponsible of our director.”Batalon remembered a story from filming where someone replaced Holland’s set chair with a toilet. “I thought that was hysterical,” he said. “I definitely think it was one of our producers, Eric Carroll I think. Yeah, it was a good time.”Jacob Batalon (Photo via Columbia Pictures)As real as the friendship between him and Holland was, there was one thing they didn’t actually do: Build that LEGO Death Star. “We tried!” he told me. “We did it so wrong that we had to take it apart and put it back together again. But they took it from us anyway because the props team said we fucked it up really bad.” When I asked if that meant he didn’t build the one in the movie, he reiterated, “Oh God, no. If I did, it would have fallen apart in my hand.” Hey, it is a very difficult set.With the Blu-Ray coming out, Batalon is especially excited for people to see the blooper real. There’s some real funny stuff, from the sounds of things. He didn’t want to give too much away as far as what’s on the disc, but he shared one deleted scene he wishes wasn’t cut.“There’s this part where I’m eating a bunch of chips. It doesn’t even make the film, but I’m stuffing my face with these chips, and it was a waste of time. And Tom and I were hysterically laughing. Non-stop. Oh my gosh, it was awful,” he said. “I was supposed to be worried about [Peter], and I’m just stuffing my face. It didn’t end well.”And one of those bloopers he mentioned? There’s a big one that happened to him. “I say Peter-Man,” Batalon said. “Everyone was just going crazy, and I’m like ‘am I fired? I’m fired.’”Thankfully, Batalon wasn’t fired and we’ll all get to see that moment when the Blu-Ray comes out later this month.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img