Watch 13Foot Queen of the Pythons Lays Massive Clutch of Eggs

first_imgStay on target Nearly 18-Foot Burmese Python Caught in Florida National Preserve200-Pound Python Named ‘Ginormica’ Could Reach World-Record Size She is the stuff of nightmares. The female African rock python is one of the largest snake species in the world with mind-blowing speed, aggression, and senses that allow her to hunt day or night. She can kill her prey in minutes, not by crushing them, but by triggering cardiac arrest in her helpless victims before swallowing them whole. It’s no surprise that the female African rock python is dubbed “Queen of the Pythons.”In a new one-hour special, the Smithsonian Channel examines the daily life of one “Queen of the Pythons,” a 13-foot, 70-pound African rock python named Squeeze, as she navigates a sub-tropical valley in South Africa — and becomes a new mother.With her size and strength, eight-year-old Squeeze can dominate of a wide variety of prey, from tiny birds to full-sized deer, with a strike faster than the blink of an eye. But she also faces challenges in the South African savannah. The new mother has to deal with threats from human neighbors, the impending loss of her habitat — and nearby predators who could prey on her 35 eggs.Queen of the Pythons follows Squeeze during this vulnerable time, when her only goal is the eggs’ survival. To keep her eggs from becoming a predator’s dinner, she stops eating altogether and only leaves her nest to drink or bask in the sun — fascinating behavior that is unusual for snakes in general, and pythons in particular.Queen of the Pythons premieres Wednesday, August 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Smithsonian Channel.More on Rare Albino Orangutan Alba Goes to ‘Orangutan Jungle School’200-Pound Python Named ‘Ginormica’ Could Reach World-Record SizeEnormous Python Eats Entire Crocodile in Terrifying Swamp Photoslast_img