NASAs InSight Lander Is Mars New Weather Forecast Provider

first_img It’s extremely chilly on Mars, according to InSight: The NASA lander will now provide you with a daily weather report from the Red Planet.Starting on Tuesday, NASA’s InSight lander will provide daily stats on temperature, air and wind pressure recorded on Mars, NASA announced in a press release. The public tool, which was developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California, Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and Spain’s Centro de Astrobiología, will allow people to see what weather conditions are like on Mars.Did you know I’m sending back daily weather reports from #Mars? Highs have been in the single (or negative) digits lately. Overnight lows — well, let’s just say I’m glad I brought thermal blankets. Brr!Latest weather: more:— NASA InSight (@NASAInSight) February 19, 2019Thanks to a package of sensors dubbed the Auxiliary Payload System (APSS), InSight will give more weather updates than any previous mission to the Red Planet. InSight can record this weather data during each second of every Martian day and send it back to Earth. The lander will continue to provide daily weather reports for two more Earth years and send updates on seasonal changes to NASA JPL scientists.“APSS will help us filter out environmental noise in the seismic data and know when we’re seeing a marsquake and when we aren’t,” said Don Banfield of Cornell University, who leads InSight’s weather science operations. “By operating continuously, we’ll also see a more detailed view of the weather than most surface missions, which usually collect data only intermittently throughout a sol.”NASA’s new Martian meteorologistGet daily #Mars weather reports from @NASAInSight, including temperature, wind speed and air pressure:— NASA JPL (@NASAJPL) February 19, 2019Receiving updates from “Mars’ meteorologist” is easy: Visit the Mars Weather page on NASA Mars InSight Mission’s website to access daily updates on the Red Planet’s temperature and wind pressure. The latest weather forecast, which was provided by InSight on Feb .17, said Mars’ surface had a high temperature of 2 degrees Fahrenheit and a low temperature of -138 degrees Fahrenheit. So basically, InSight would advise you to stay warm and bundle up in some blankets, because it’s freezing there.“It gives you the sense of visiting an alien place,” Banfield added. “Mars has familiar atmospheric phenomena that are still quite different than those on Earth.”More on’s InSight Lander Deployed Second Instrument on MarsCrew Simulations Expose Weak Spots in NASA Mars MissionNASA Says Goodbye to Its Mars Opportunity Rover Stay on target NASA Captures ‘Red-Handed’ Avalanche on Mars in Mesmerizing PhotoBest Skywatching Events in September 2019 last_img