Dont trust Greek political parties say KKE

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Greek political parties are working for their own interests and not that of the people, claims two KKE members on their Australian visit. Last Sunday, the Greek Democritus League in Thornbury hosted a public talk that accompanied a visit to Australia by two members of the Greek Communist Party (KKE). George Marinos, part of the Political Committee of the KKE spoke passionately to a sizeable crowd about the party’s approach to other parties, such as Xrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn), and gave reasons why the KKE refused to join a left-wing alliance with Syriza before the last round of elections in Greece. He also stressed the importance of Greeks in both Greece and Australia joining together to try to overcome Greece’s current crisis. Marinos was quite decided in his labelling of the European Union as imperialist, stressing the importance of giving both power and money back to the average citizen – of both Greece and Europe itself. And he did not exclude Syriza from these views, claiming that Syriza share the guilt of parties such as PASOK and New Democracy in working in their own interests, rather than that of the Greek population. He also mentioned the strong opposition KKE has to Golden Dawn’s more recent attacks on migrants, comparing these new residents of Greece with Greeks of the diaspora. He was joined by Costas Papadakis, head of KKE foreign relations.last_img