TV Hat The Worst Tech Product of 2010

first_imgWait, did we say “neck-wrenching?” It seems that the company is tossing in a free “Neck Protector” for the low price of $29.95 (plus $7.95 shipping and handling, naturally). Never mind.It’s hard to find anything nice to say about this clunky iPod/iPhone accessory–well, it’s probably pretty good at keeping direct sunlight off of the upper half of your face, though, the baseball cap alone could do that as well.All of that said, to the inventor of the TV Hat, we salute you. You had a dream and you saw it realized. May you be rewarded with a million Snuggies. Last week we put the question to you, dear reader–what is the worst tech product of 2010? We asked our staff to whittle down the list to a handful of candidates and put them up for a public vote.You overwhelmingly chose the dark horse candidate. It beat out lackluster entries from such tech giants as Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Heck, it even beat FusionGarage’s much, much-hated JooJoo tablet. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you really, really don’t like the TV Hat.The As Seen on TV device (fittingly sold over at managed to get a few votes shy of 50 percent of the total vote–several times more than the closest competitor.So, what precisely is so shockingly bad about this product? Well, just look at the thing–it’s a baseball cap with a TV attached to the bill–it combines the social habits of shut-ins with the fashion sense of apiarists for one of the most awkward convergence devices we’ve ever seen. It’s also a solution in search of a problem–a clunky, oversized, neck-wrenching solution.last_img