Geocaching Quick Quiz: Geocache or Log?

first_imgDid you guess right?For a look behind the scenes at more creative geocache containers and ideas, visit Shop Geocaching and check out the Creative Geocaches video below. What is the most camouflaged geocache container you’ve come across? Tell us about it in the comments.Share with your Friends:More To reveal the answers…Just.Scroll.Down.… It’s a question geocachers face almost everyday on the geocaching trail, is that a geocache or log? Check out the image below of three logs and a stick. Do you best geocaching detective work. Can you crack the case?Logs or geocaches?? You’re.Almost.There.The answers revealed! Are you a geocaching cache detecting superstar? SharePrint RelatedGeocaching Quick Quiz: Name that LingoNovember 14, 2013In “7 Souvenirs of August”A Geocaching Beginner’s Guide – Geocache Container PicturesJanuary 26, 2013In “Française”Sometimes Geocaching Makes You Go… — Nuts (GC41D4C) — Geocache of the WeekOctober 10, 2013In “Community”last_img