Fiery Peruvian Airlines crash caught on video

first_imgAstonishing video has emerged of passengers escaping a burning Peruvian Airlines Boeing 737 Tuesday after it veered off the runway burst into flames while landing at the provincial city of Jauja in Peru.The airline said 141 passengers were on board the flight from the Peruvian capital but all had been evacuated safely and there were no serious injuries.It  said in a statement the Boeing 737-300 “turned on the right side, skidding off the runway’’ but the high professionalism of its crew prevented major injury.The Aviation Herald said the B737-300  landed on Jauja’s runway 31 at about 16:40 local time.It said it veered off the runway, suffered the collapse of all gear and burst into flames, coming to a stop after skidding on fire for some distance. Passengers reported there were two strong impacts upon arrival and local media reported 29 people were taken to hospital.Peruvian authorities are investigating the incident.last_img