first_imgA glorious day once again, in excess of 1100 youngsters chasing coveted medals and a truly representative participation response from North, South, East and West certificates for all, add in excellent organistion by the local organising committee who have maintained and progressed the project year on year from humble beginnings back in 1970. Best School in the 3 categories were Scoil Iosagain, Buncrana, St Marys, Castlefinn Roshine, Dungloe.The next schools engagement at Finn Valley is what has become a very busy and well supported is the cross country late September a 2 day programme with primary and secondary schools involved. 44th schools Athletics Challenge at Finn Valley AC May 28thBorn in 2007Born 2007 60 m Boys School1stTerry ScoilColmcille, Letterkenny2n LaightKhamias Woodlands3rd Sawyer Campbell Fintown4th Troy Preston Holder ScoilColmcilleLetterkennyBorn 2007 60 m Girls School1stReena Doherty Stranoarlar2n Jessica McNamee Convoy3rd Grace Osehge Illistrin4th Ciara Keogh S.M.G.S LetterkennyBorn 2006Born 2006 60m Boys School1stFavour Okoroji Illistrin2nd Liam Carlin Lifford3rd Michael Hannahan St Orans4th Michael Toner Glenswilly Born 2006 60 m Girls School1stBreegeMcGilloway Iosagain2nd Maria Mc Bride Castlefin3rdReenaMcColgan St Brigids4thToibatOladnagi WoodlandsBorn 2006 100m Boys School1st Favour Okoroji Illistrin2nd Liam Carlin Lifford3rd Michael Toner Glenswilly4thBorn 2006 100m Girls1stMaria Mc Bride Castlefin2nd Gillian Miggit S.M.G.S Letterkenny3rd Ella Costello NiamhBrid Muff4thBorn in 2005Born 2005 80m Boys1stOisinMcCann Gaelscoil2n Elvis Okoh Colmcille, Letterkenny3rdCaolan Collins Iosagain4th Luka Browne StranorlarBorn 2005 80m Girls1stHannah Murray Castlefin2n ShannonMc Dermott St Orans, Buncrana3rd Aoife Magee Rosine, Dungloe4thAleshaCuskelly CarrigansBorn 2005 300m Boys1stMax Roarty 52.39 Creeslough2ndIdrisOdoku CollimcilleLetterkenny3rd Declan Doherty Colimcille, Letterkenny4thKeelin Collins IosaganBorn 2005 300m Girls1stHannah Murray 52.97 Castlefin2nd Alisha Cuskelly Carrigans3rd Abbey McGranaghan Castlefin4th Jenna Rahen Iosagan Born 2005 Long Jump – Boys1stMax Roarty 3.59 Creeslough2 Hugh McGonagle Iosagain3rdDairmuid O Donnell Dooish4thHarry Davis IosagainBorn 2005 Long Jump – Girls1stAbbieMcGranaghan 3.35 St Mary’s Castlefin2nd Alisha Cuskelly Carrigans3rd Jessica Wilson Donaghmore4th Bethany Wilson StranorlarBorn 2005 Turbo Javelin – Boys School1stDonal Gallagher 16.00 Stramore, Churchill2n Sean Mc Laughlin Iosagain3rd Shane Byrne Fintra4th Sam McGlinchey CastlefinBorn 2005 Turbo Javelin – Girls School1stElisha Cuskelly 9.81 Carrigans2nd Marie Barr Iosagain3rdSaoirse Hanley S.M.G.S. Letterkenny4thOrla Neely KilmacrennanBorn 2004/2005 Relay – Boys Large Boys – Medium Small1stCollimcilleLetterkenny Castlefin Gleneeley2ndGaelscoilLetterkenny Milford Teevogue3rdIosagainBuncrana ScoilCollimcille, Newton St Conaills, Nairn4t Dooish, Ballybofey Sessiaghoneill Bruckless Born 2004Born 2004 80m – Boys School1stFouan Basher Collimcille, Letterkenny2ndAbrahaim Hassan Gaelscoil, Letterkenny3rd Michael Aidoo Collmcille, Letterkenny4thArminusKasparbicus StranorlarBorn 2004 80m – Girls School1stLucy Mc Glynn Holy Family2ndMajaKorythowska Stranorlar3rd Brenda Collins Iosagainn4thMikela Galvin LurgybrackBorn 2004 600m – Boys School1stOisin Kelly 1.55.74 Kilmacrennan2nd Neil Mulcahy Castlefin3rd Cole Sheridan Iosagan4th Liam Donnelly CranfordBorn 2004 600m – Girls School1stMajaKorythowska 2.19.25 Stranorlar2nd Abbey Logue Clady3rd Sophie Duffy Dromore4thAine Irwin DromoreBorn 2004 High Jump – Boys School1stAndrew Crawford 1.11m Murlog2nd Colin Murphy Iosagain2nd Ryan Galvin Stranorlar4th Cormac MC Hugh St ColumbasBorn 2004 High Jump – Girls School1stCaoimheDorthey 1m Iosagan2nd Cara Wilkinson Dromore2nd Nicole Canning Woodlands4th Emma Mc Laughlin IosaganBorn 2004 Turbo Javelin – Boys School1stScott Mc Beth 23.10 Raphoe Central2ndMicheal MC Gonigle Sessiaghoneill3rd Leonard Acheampag Illistrin4th Aaron Dooher LiffordBorn 2004 Turbo Javelin – Girls School1stCaitlin McGranaghan 12.09 Castlefin2ndCuisleMcGrath St Pats3rd Aoife Giles Cranford4thAbbey Galivn IosagainBorn 2004 Long Jump – Boys School1stOisin Kelly 4.01 Kilmacrennan2nd Liam Donnelly Cranford3rd NeilMulcahy Castlefin4th Rain O Murchu PortnooBorn 2004 Long Jump – Girls School1stBrenda Carr 3.80m Dooish2ndCliona Doherty GaelscoilBuncrana3rdKeeva Thompson Dooish4th Demi Crossan LurgybrackBorn 2004/2005 RelayLarge Girls Medium – Girls Small girls1stIosagain, Buncrana Dromore Gleneeley2nd Stranorlar Castlefin Holy Family3rdLurgybrack Carndonagh Tierna, Sligo4thDooish Toobin FintraBorn 2003Born 2003 100m – Boys School1stRyan Coyle Dromore2nd Jimmy Murray Stranorlar3rdKerian Coleman Castlefin4thConorMcDaid DrumkeenBorn 2003 100m – Girls School1st Amy McMenamain Dromore2nd Stephanie Okoh S.M.G. S Letterkenny3rd Marcella Dolan Creeslough4th Honour Okeroji IllistrinBorn 2003 600m – Boys School1stConor Bradley St. Patricks2n Liam Hannigan GaelscoilLetterkennhy3rd Joseph Aidoo ColmcilleLetterkenny4thBorn 2003 600m – Girls School1st Andrea Browne 1.54.49 Castlefin2nd Amy McMenamin Dromore3rd Connie Doherty Iosagan4th Chloe Coyle DromoreBorn 2003 High Jump – Boys School1stOwen Breslin 1.20 Murlog2nd Jimmy Murray Stranorlar3rd Jimmy McDaid Iosagain4th Ryan Canning WoodlandsBorn 2003 High Jump – Girls School1stAmy McMenamin 1.20m Dromore2nd Caitlin Mc Elroy Iosagain3rd Rachel McCallion St Orans4th Clara Porter IosagainBorn 2003 Long Jump – Boys School1stLennon Lafferty 3.70 Murlog2nd Dean Quinn Castlefin3rd Kieran Gallagher Illistrin4thConor Thompson St Mary’s CastlefinBorn 2003 Long Jump – Girls School1stStephanie Okan 4.20 S.M.G.S. Letterkenny2nd Andrea Browne Castlefin3rd Chloe Coyle Dromore4th C. Doherty StranorlarBorn 2003 Shot Put – Boys School1stToby Akinyimile 7.70 CollimcilleLetterkenny2ndConorMcDaid Drumkeen3rd Kieran Coleman Castlefin4th Bobby Goudie Raphoe CentralBorn 2003 Shot Put – Girls School1st Emily Croke 7.35 Roshine, Dungloe2nd Josephine Gallagher Taobhoig, Glenfin3rd Amy Sweeney Stramore4th Aoife McDaid IosagainBorn 2003 Turbo Javelin- Boys School1stOran Mc Laughlin 21.10 Iosagain2nd Owen Keenan Woodlands3rdDarragh Curran Iosagain4th Declan Slevin SessiaghoneillBorn 2003 Turbo Javelin – Girls School1stCaitlin Geary 13.19 Dromore2nd Gracie Dillon Castlefin3rd Charlene Patton Stranorlar4th CJ Doherty StranorlarBorn in 2002Born 2002 100m – Boys School1stFinnian O Donnell Glenswilly2n Jason McDaid Drumkeen3rd David Smith Lurgybrack4thCartha Hughes IllistrinBorn 2002 100m – Girls School1st Lauren Callaghan Dromore2nd Kate Smith Lifford3rdAalighMcCormick S.M.G.S Letterkenny4thCaoimhe Kelly S.M.G.SBorn 2002 800m – Boys School1stDavid Smith 2.29 Lurgybrack2n Adam Curran Iosagan3rdOisinFarren Gaelscoil4th Carlos O Reilly CreesloughBorn 2002 800m – Girls School1stDaniella Jansen 2.43 Dromore2n Molly Trearty Creeslough3rd Megan Ryan Milford4thAine Wilkinson DromoreBorn 2002 High Jump – Boys School1st Kieran Thompson 1.35 Dooish2nd Ben Lynch Iosagain3rd Wilson Craig Raphoe Central4th Adam Whoirskey IosagainBorn 2002 High Jump – Girls School1stAbbey Meehan 1.29 Stranorlar2nd Caitlin McGonagle Sessiaghoneill3rdAine Wilkinson Dromore4th Aoife Lennon IosagainBorn 2002 Long Jump – Boys School1stThomas McMenamin 3.91m St Mary’s Stranorlar2ndPete Byrne 3.73m St Mary’s Stranorlar3rdDiarmuidMc Hugh 3.70m St Cairell’sAghyaryn4thCaolanMcGlinchey 3.50 St Cairell’sAghyarynBorn 2002 Long Jump – Girls School1stLauren Callaghan 4.70 Dromore NS2nd Kate Smyth 4.40 Cloughfin NS3rd Olivia Cushkelly4thMolly Trearty CreesloughBorn 2002 Turbo Javelin – Girls School1st Nikita Saliman 19.70 S.M.G.S. Letterkenny2nd Olivia Cuskelly Carrigans3rd Leah Gallen Dooish4th Sarah Tinney Raphoe CentralBorn 2002 Turbo Javelin – Boys School1stOwen Moore 30.80 EoinBaiste, Carrigart2ndLughanDevenney Gaelscoil, Buncrana3rd Oran Tourish Iosagain4th Ryan Stewart LiffordBorn 2002/2003 RelayLarge BoysMedium BoysSmall Boys1stStranorlar Lifford Drumkeen2ndIllistrin St Brigids Convoy Tierna, Sligo3rdGaelscoilLetterkenny Castlefin Holy Family4thScoilColmcilleLetterkenny FintraBorn 2002/2003Girls LargeGirls MediumGirls Small1stS.M.G. Letterkenny Dromore Tierna, Sligo2n IosagannBuncrana St Brigids, Convoy Donoughmore3rdGaelscoilLetterkenny Lifford Roshine, Dungloe4thIllistrin Carndonagh FintraBorn in 2001/2002Born 2001/2002 Shot Putt – Boys School1stTomas Pyszka 11.55 ColimcilleLetterkenny2ndFilpokDudek Iosagain3rdModestasFofonevas Iosagain4thShane O Donnell LurgybrackBorn 2001/2002 Shot Putt – Girls School1stKaryn Doherty 8.06 Dooish2nd Shannon Hegarty Buncrana3rd Faith Harkin Dooish4th Felicia O Donnell St BrigidsBorn in 2001Born 2001 100 m – Boys School1st Dennis McGinley Milford2nd Shane O Donnell Collimcille, Letterkenny3rd PJ McDaid Drumkeen4thConor O Donnell IllistrinBorn 2001 100m – Girls School1st Lee Walsh S.M.G. S Letterkenny2n Shannon Hegarty Iosagan3rd Kim Kelly Castlefin4th Hannah Mulcahy CastlefinBorn 2001 800m – Boys School1stShane O Donnell ColimcilleLetterkenny2nd Jack Gillespie Gleneeley3rd Shane McMonagle Toobin4th Joshua Lynch ToobinBorn 2001 800m Girls School1st Karen Gallagher 2.37 Cashel Fanad2nd Anna MC Ginley Iosagan3rd Lauren McDaid Toobin4th Claudia Gallen GleneelyWheelchair Race1. Erin Harrold, Dooish2. Louise Callaghan, Dromore3. Niamh Bonner, Glenswilly4. Emma Rose Gildea, LurgybrackBest SchoolBest School – Large1st ScoilIosogain N.S.2nd St Mary’s Stranorlar N.S.3rd ScoilColmcille N.S., LetterkennyBest School – Medium1st St Mary’s N.S. Castlfin2nd Dromore N.S. Killygordon3rd Drumkeen N.S.Best School – Small1st Roshine N.S. Dungloe2nd Tirnasligo N.S.3rd Cloughfinn N.S.DONEGAL ATHLETICS PRIMARY SCHOOLS FINAL RESULTS was last modified: May 29th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:newsSportlast_img