GWI officially sacks Lear Goring − insists decision based solely on lack of qualifications

first_imgThe Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) has officially sacked ‘drug convict,’ Lear Goring, who served as the entity’s Debt Recovery Manager.Public Relations Officer, Leana Bradshaw, released a missive from GWI to this effect on Thursday, in which the utility company explained that the decision was taken by the company’s Board of Directors.The specially convened meeting of the Board of Directors to decide on Goring’s future with the water company was held on Thursday. Goring gained prominence recently when it was discovered that he and the entity’s Managing Director, Dr Richard Van West-Charles were both Directors of Atlantic Fuels Inc – an entity which was issued a fuel licence under questionable circumstances.Goring was also found to have been convicted of drug trafficking twice and was deported on both occasions from the United States of America (USA). According to Bradshaw’s public missive on Thursday, “the decision comes following a review of Mr Goring’s credentials, which do not satisfy the requirements outlined for the position.” The GWI communication further stated that “It should also be noted that the decision taken was based solely on a review of his qualification for the job.”Goring had recently been sent on administrative leave pending investigations into reports that he was not qualified for the position of Debt Recovery Manager.The matter had come to light when it was discovered that Dr Van West-Charles’ business partner had been hired shortly after the Managing Director’s appointment at GWI. Publicly available US court documents show that Goring was convicted in the early 1990s before being deported to Guyana in 1993. He was also charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine in 1995 and he later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 63 months in prison by Judge K M Moore in a Brooklyn, New York court.He had reportedly used a forged passport to make his way back to the United States.Goring and another GWI employee were hired shortly after Dr Van West- Charles took office with neither of the positions being advertised. Guyana Times understands that Lance Mars and Goring, both of whom are reportedly close friends of the GWI’s Managing Director, were employed as a Consultant and Manager of the Debt Recovery Unit.Dr Van West-Charles had told this publication that with respect to the hiring of Mars, there was “no need to advertise.” With regards to Goring’s appointment as Debt Recovery Unit Manager, Dr Van West-Charles had told this publication that Goring had applied for the job, was interviewed and subsequently hired. He had defended Goring’s employment, pointing to the $3 billion debts owed to GWI and said he needed a person in the position that he could trust.last_img