Fifth bench change in Salamanca! Larrazabal dismissed

first_imgCortes responded to the call with professionalism and work incessantly, although the irregularity in the team’s game caused his departure. Salamanca thanked him for his delivery and, now, returns to be the coach of the subsidiary. Since then (he was dismissed on October 29), the entity worked conscientiously to hire a ‘master’ who takes the staff to the top. In the search month, Rafa Dueñas provisionally held the position of first technician. With Larrazabal ‘found’, the project once again had a helmsman, although the objective never changed: to ascend to Second division. He tried, but he also failed to straighten the course. Now, Rafa Dueñas returns to assume the direction.Larrazabal says goodbye with a critical situationAt 48, Larrazabal arrived with the endorsement of his professional career as a footballer. In Athletic, the new coach of Salamanca added a total of 445 games. After his retirement, he assumed the quarry management of his usual entity. He also tested the benches in the Marbella (2016), the Amorebieta (2016-17) and Barakaldo, with which he came to play a Playoff promotion to LaLiga SmartBank.Upon arrival, the Salamanca occupied the sixth position of Group II of Second Division B, with 23 points and was four from the subsidiary of the Royal Society, the one that marked Playoff positions. Now, the promotion promotion phase to LaLiga SmartBank and the Play Out to only three points is eleven points. The two consecutive defeats have exhausted the patience of the board, which returns to bet on the change in the bench to trace the flight. In the continuous swing in which the Salamanca CF UDS has lived Since the beginning of the season, stability is still not taken definitively. After the dismissal of Pablo Cortés as coach of the first team, Rafa Dueñas assumed the position provisionally. It lasted for a month until the club reached an agreement with what appeared to be its coach in 2019-20: Aitor Larrazabal. This happened in November and there is a new official statement to fire the technician and find a new air to relaunch the complicated situation of the entity. Bad moment: the great derby comes before the Unionists over the weekend.Aitor Lazarrabal, although he has enjoyed three months of opportunity, is no longer the tenant of the Helmántico bench. Before his arrival, four other coaches undertook, without success, the adventure of bringing the shield of the late Union back to professional football. The first chosen was José Luis Trejo, still with great participation in the club. He had to leave office because of problems with his license, although he does not rule out take responsibility next season. In fact, in an interview in Cope he let him glimpse: “We’ve already talked about it and it’s the idea“.Once the club knew the impossibility of giving Trejo the controls, he hired Chiquimarco. His journey only lasted three days. The ex-arbitrator accused the board of directors of demanding to face him, while the coach he relieved was still directing ‘in the shadows’. Thus, Salamanca, aware of the enormous instability that the news produced, he called Pablo Cortés, a man of the house, to give oxygen to a staff that overcame a cyclone of adversities before what seemed to be an exciting season.last_img