Frank Robinson

first_imgFrank Robinson, the 14-time All-Star and the only player to win league MVP honors in both National and American Leagues, died last Thursday at the age of 83.  Robinson was as talented as he was controversial.Frank was the first African American manager in baseball for the Cleveland Indians.  He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1982.My recollection of Robinson was his fierce approach to batting.  He appeared to dare the pitcher to throw a baseball at or near him.  Of course, Robinson played in the 1960’s when the racial tensions in the United States were very high.  Because of this, he did not always receive the respect he deserved.  Also, Robinson was as good a fielder as he was a hitter.I still don’t understand how Marge Schott decided she didn’t want him to play for the Reds any more.  It worked to Robinson’s advantage because he reached higher plateaus after he left the Reds.last_img