Duterte: No need for coronavirus hysteria

first_imgMANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte saidthere was no need for the public to be “hysterical” over the novel coronavirusacute respiratory disease (2019-nCoV) which is finding its way in the country. President Duterte also said that thepublic hysteria over the disease caused the stocks of face masks to quicklydeplete but he assured that the government has procured more stocks of facemasks. Filipinos fear over the novelcoronavirus heightened after the Department of Health confirmed last week twocases of the disease in the country, with one of them dying due to the virus./PN “If there is really a virus goingaround, why do you have to be hysterical? Why don’t you just go to the hospitaland have yourself treated or if you are quarantined, if you suspect that youhave acquired,” he added. “You know, this coronavirus (is) scaringpeople all over the country. The response of the people from the initialreports of coronavirus was almost hysterical when there was really no need forit actually,” Duterte said to the media after a Cabinet meeting on the illnesson Monday evening. President Rodrigo Duterte. PCOO “The supply has depleted because there’san emergency and there’s a need for it so everybody is buying. That’s thereason why there is a scarce supply in the market. Without the virus, the masksare not being sold by the thousands,” he said.last_img