536 fishermen rescued from giant ice floe

first_imgA group of fishermen use a smaller piece of ice as a raft trying to row to the coast, as the ice floe with stranded fishermen on them slowly drifted further away from the land in eastern Siberia, Russia in this Jan. 28, 2020 photo. RUSSIA EMERGENCY SITUATIONS MINISTRY PRESS SERVICE VIA AP According to some of the fishermen, bythe time they had been rescued the rift between the ice floe and the coast wasalready 200 meters wide. (AP) Around 60 more people were able to getback on the shore on their own Tuesday evening, emergency officials said. The rescue operation lasted for almostseven hours. Footage of the incident showed groups of people using smallerpieces of ice as rafts and trying to row to the coast on them, as the ice floewith stranded fishermen slowly drifted further away from the land. MOSCOW – Russia’s emergency servicesrescued 536 ice fishermen after they got stranded on a giant ice floe thatbroke off the island of Sakhalin in eastern Siberia, officials said.last_img