Family First condemns ‘Kill the PM’ song

first_img3News 26 August 2014The chief censor has received complaints and police are investigating a rap song which contains lyrics threatening to kill Prime Minister John Key and have sex with his daughter.Family advocacy group Family First has slammed the song, saying it “cannot go any lower”.Auckland-based outfit @peace’s ‘Kill The PM’ paints Mr Key as a greedy rich man who takes money from the poor and deserves to die.“Ain’t doin’ nothin’ so I’m gonna kill the Prime Minister,” the group raps.“I been tryin’ to get a job, but they got none, so I instead I got a sawn-off shotgun, and pop.”The lyrics also suggest robbing the Prime Minister of all his luxury possessions and having sex with his 21-year-old art student daughter, Stephanie. assessing ‘Kill the PM’ songOneNews 26 August 2014Police say they are looking into a song with lyrics containing threats to kill the Prime Minister and have sex with his daughter.The song, ‘Kill the PM’, by Auckland hip-hop crew @peace has been listened to more than 5,000 times since being posted on the group’s Facebook page last night.Bob McCoskrie says all New Zealanders will be appalled by the song and says Family First will lay a formal complaint with the Office of Film and Literature Classification.He says this type of personal and offensive attack on a politician and their family is as low as someone can go.On its Facebook page the band is encouraging its followers to enrol and vote, and has clarified the meaning of the song.“I do not want to literally kill this man. I do not wish to have sexual relations with anybody related to him. Let’s not pretend a silly little song ever changed anything,” group member Tom said in a post this afternoon.“What’s important is that we ENROL TO VOTE so that we have a chance to select someone to represent us who understands the concept of empathy.”