Croatia is a “thorn in the side” of many. We are in a position to defend ourselves, but we are doing it quite clumsily

first_imgAuthor: Nedo Pinezić, The great war in which tour operators with leased capacities in the countries of mass tourism, then the caterers of emitting countries and even the executive authorities of those countries play an important role is in full swing. The countries of the Western Balkans include ex ju countries without Slovenia with Albania. Croatia is also located there and it is the common name of the wider region used in the institutions of the European Union. The launch of a special travel regime for the Western Balkans by Austria has triggered an avalanche of similar reactions in other EU countries. Croatia has found itself the victim of unfavorable circumstances, although it has far fewer infected people than its eastern neighbors. The Croatian authorities reacted late and poorly to these circumstances. The “closing” of the border with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina happened too late, and diplomatic activities that would indicate that Croatia does not belong to the same “epidemiological basket” with other Western Balkan countries were almost unnoticed. Apart from President Zoran Milanović, who openly invited Austrians to a safe Croatia during his visit to Austria, there were no other strong repercussions. The parliamentary elections, which took place on this issue at the most inconvenient possible moment, certainly took their toll. A GREAT WAR FOR EVERY GUEST For now, the Slovenian government classifies Croatia in the yellow zone, which is one degree milder classification. Slovenian citizens entering Slovenia from Croatia are required to present proof of residence in Croatia. This controls the possible concealment of travel information to countries on the eastern border of Croatia. We have missed a lot of things and it seems that tourism is not as important to us as it is talked about. Or is the news of the 20 billion euros we will “get” from the EU a solution to all our problems? WEAK AND DELAYED REACTION Hence the organized “media chases” towards our country. We are in a position to defend ourselves, but we are doing it quite clumsily. We are nowhere near the strong reaction of one Cyprus. As usual, things happen by themselves, so we find ourselves surprised. Croatia is a “thorn in the side” due to its high attractiveness and age of accessibility to individual guests. With such tourist flows, package organizers and local caterers and hoteliers are losing their jobs. There is not enough time and the executive power has not been established yet, especially the tourism department. It was as if someone was expecting that weak moment for great action. The Netherlands, whose guests are the most important camping guests along with Slovenes, but also frequent in family accommodation, has not recommended a trip to Croatia for its citizens since yesterday. If they do leave, after returning from Croatia, a fourteen-day quarantine awaits them. Just now that we are doing well, in the peak season, things could turn into a big drop in tourist arrivals of foreign guests overnight. It could happen to us at the end of the season in its rush hour. The same recommendation was made by Lithuania. With this recommendation, both countries oblige Croatian citizens to a two-week quarantine in case of entry into the country. Austrian Chancellor Kurz advised his citizens not to travel to countries Western Balkans. If they do leave, they will be quarantined for two weeks or subjected to a test. In case of violation of this obligation, high penalties follow. WESTERN BALKANSlast_img