Feeling unsafe in isolation? Professionals offer virtual resources for help

first_imgFor the Crime Victims Assistance Center Text line call (607) 722-4256 “We have a service and when someone calls I get a text message 24/7 and I usually will call back within an hour,” he said. Dr. Nichols says it may not be just a matter of having someone to talk to, rather these organizations can reach out for assistance on your behalf. Nichols says in the absence of those gate keepers individuals who are victims of domestic violence and child abuse are particularly vulnerable. “Teachers are constantly reaching out to social services and social services have the ability to come into the home and see what’s happening but this pandemic has limited protective case workers from doing their job,” he said. “We don’t have the normal gatekeepers, the teachers the significant others that can begin to say hey look this guy or girl is getting stressed out, things can boil over without anybody noticing,” said Dr. Edward Nichols. For the Crime Victims Assistance Center Crisis Line call (607) 772-4256 “We have a 24 hour crisis line which is (607) 722-4256 we also have a text line which is (607) 725-8196 and we’ve created a chat so people can live chat if they prefer to reach out that way,” said Executive Director Raini Baudistell. Dr. Nichols’s office isn’t the only organization in the area offering virtual help, the Crime Victims Assistance Center of Binghamton also has multiple platforms to should an individual find themselves in a situation that requires them to reach out over text.center_img For Dr. Edward Nichols’s 24 hour hotline call (607) 241-2461 That’s why Nichols set up a help hotline that is constantly monitored. “All counselors and licensed clinicians are licensed reporters so reaching out to us is reaching out to someone who can and will help should someone be in that situation,” he said. Sydney psychologist Dr. Edward Nichols says since the start of the pandemic he’s seen an uptick in calls regarding domestic violence and the need for couples counseling. Once he reaches out to you he’ll send you a link to a secure telemedicine room where you can talk to a licensed counselor in the office. (WBNG) — With the coronavirus forcing many to stay home that can often mean multiple people being confined in a small space. For some that can be just a nuisance while for others it can be downright dangerous. To access the C.V.A.C. Live chat click here.last_img