Jahman Brahman Shares Funky New Single “Hyperion Vs. Cotahuasi” Ahead Of New Album [Premiere]

first_imgIt’s been a wild ride for Asheville-based roots band Jahman Brahman over the last couple of years, as the band lost two members and spent time building things back up with new musicians. Once they felt comfortable enough, the band zipped into the studio to record a new album, titled Choose Your Channel, their first full-length effort since 2010.Choose Your Channel has something for everyone, capturing the essence of the whole band as well as the spirit of each of its members. The rich textures come forward from the band’s soulful songwriting, as the band’s ten years together have proven to create a mature and distinguished sound. The new album is an aural journey for the senses, and the band consistently proves themselves in the live setting as well. We love the Jahman Brahman groove, and you can catch a digital download of the new album here.In honor of Choose Your Channel, we’re delighted to premiere a stream of the first single, “Hyperion vs. Cotahuasi.” Featuring Derrick Lee Johnson of Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, the upbeat new single is sure to put a smile on your face! Tune in below.Says drummer/vocalist Chuck Knott, “A few years back, I decided to write a funk tune while trying to incorporate other musical elements; odd chord changes, and key changes in the arrangement. I opted for James Brown-esque lyrics to invoke the kind of phonetic vocal stabs that don’t necessarily need to bear much weight as far as subject matter goes. If I remember correctly, it went something along the lines of “My baby wears a low cut shirt, looks so good it makes me hurt. My baby dances on stage all the time, don’t care who’s watching, she don’t mind.” When I brought it to the table, the band suggested trying for a little more substance in the lyrics… so, naturally, I went “over the top and off the deep end” with metaphors, thus landing on a battlefield between the world’s tallest tree and deepest valley: Hyperion vs. Cotahuasi.Life has extreme highs and lows; that’s no groundbreaking thought, but if you surround yourself with the right people and energy, those peaks and valleys are easier to traverse, and are what moves you forward. A creek or landscape can maintain a uniformness about it for long periods of time and then in the flash of an epic storm, everything’s different. It’s how you come out on the other side that matters… ’til the next storm or meteor shower. Smack on some sweet hornage from Derrick Lee Johnson (Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band) and I think we’ve executed a pretty gnarly journey of a song.At the end of the day, as important as all the elements that brought us to this point are, when we are at a club or festival and everyone’s throwing down and pushing the music & energy along with us, that’s the payoff and fruition of the journey that brought us here.”Jahman Brahman will also be celebrating their new album with an album release party on January 21st, playing the Isis Music Hall in Asheville, NC with funk group Backup Planet. More information can be found here, so don’t miss out!last_img