The site was attacked a profound lesson

this is my personal experience, let my site, engage in a day, to do a good job, there is no site backup, backup if the individual stationmaster does not have the time, you can download a copy of the plug-in, set what time of day plug-in backup, automatic backup, so every day, hope that the webmaster, don’t go my way and don’t let me such lessons happen to you.

A5 starting, reprint keep the fingerprint film link, www.zwm99贵族宝贝, thank you.

site was attacked, look at the issue seriously to what extent, if the site is linked to the horse, we were lucky, because some of the poor quality of the hacker, export link URL, we see there is no strange URL, if you see, what I have found. In the program, delete. If we still do not see, because our webmaster, not code master, can not find, can make the person of the website, to help us see. read more

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Web site operators to seize the focus

now want to quickly get the traffic you need daily attention to some of the recent domestic webmaster to some live information and some hot events, today we have simple examples about how to grasp the focus of obtaining high quality in site operation flow and return.

Because Now more and more

Real time The picture above is the current hot spots In fact, the

webmaster love Shanghai billboard 贵族宝贝top.baidu贵族宝贝/ to find every day and the recent hot topics, this is conducive to the optimization of our website operation promotion and we also have a clear route to the content of the website, this website gave us bring good traffic and can return in a short period of time. read more

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How to improve the site weight and ranking rookie

four, to see the update frequency of the site, but also to look at the site of love Shanghai snapshot is not in two days, if the site is a snapshot before, you talk about how the weight of this website, love Shanghai snapshot follow that name Shanghai spiders don’t love love, then look at the site every day included the contents included how many pages.

for a web site outside the chain can not be ignored one of the more important.

can do continue to believe that your site will slowly go up and the weight will slowly. read more

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On the two level domain name station how to quickly get the trust of search engine

Two, improve the weight of

robot.txt file is used to stop the search.

has done two level domain optimization could be encountered such a situation, as long as the two level domain name is right down, our top-level domain will be affected, the search engine is your two level domain name is an independent site, it is also our main domain name and website very delicate relationship. We can make an analogy, if we have a master, but if we are in the short term the main domain name opened several two domain names, so for our station will have a huge impact. Two domain names have a certain weight dependence on the domain name, if the domain name included, ranking good, high weight, then you will also have a role to promote our two level domain name. So the author suggests that if you want to open a two level domain, the best do not have a good start, step by step, in addition to the primary domain weight increase also cannot be ignored read more

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The entrepreneur founded 100 million start up companies with annual revenues of more than twoGive y

makes little money girl do not think of is, this boy actually only 17 years old.

this man should have never thought, and then did not stop the "melon eating masses" to shoot it down, concurrent to the Internet, and was forwarded by the big V, and he himself, but also by human flesh…

abuse, inside the subway pushing, grab the mobile phone is wrong. Although he is only 17, he should be responsible for his actions.

human flesh, the man opened a micro-blog trumpet for clarification, restore some of the video before the case: read more

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How to lay a good foundation website

We all know that

, filler content and the chain quickly is a price to pay

search engines love website every day with fresh content, so we mostly think so, updated daily some articles than once filled filled, even a lot of training teachers that taught them, we believe in this. But everything can not be too absolute, I run a Mobile Games website, then we are done in the framework of a site filled with a large number of content in, followed by the hands of the resources to do it Links and chain. How the result? The other search engines have good performance, included very well, and in the love of Shanghai, also included a little increase, but the price is home within a month has not been included. (PS: I think this is in the range of read more

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Korean clothing house growth 1200 people shop the most cattle Amoy brand10 furniture innovation mode

Pawngo relies on strong technical power to move the pawnshop from the corner to the Internet. In a simple way, Pawngo is an online pawnshop. With more and more people to the constraints in the economic sense, cause more people to rely on small loans to survive. Today, however, most online lending services are targeted at payday loans, and when you search online, you will find it difficult to find other types of loan other than payday loans.

TaskRabbit revenue exceeded $1 million, but the company CEO said it wants to maintain TaskRabbit relatively small size and localization of the status quo, in order to better maintain customer base relationships. If TaskRabbit can maintain good customer relations and achieve sustained and steady growth, then Craigslist will face considerable challenges soon. read more

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Love Shanghai new algorithm analysis the chain and the content of what is important


this problem is actually more simple, as long as the chain you can bring traffic, will be useful for the website ranking. Shall not release some of the garbage outside the chain, the chain of deception, induce the user to enter the website (if it is a waste of the chain, will cause users to jump out of a relatively high rate) caused by invalid access to the website, then certainly has the reverse effect.

2) whether the chain has a direct effect on the


1) a site with high quality content scarcity and user needs is essential, as a formal corporate website, did not do any chain, there have been no update to four or five months, but because of lack of the article had accumulated a lot of high quality thin, resulting in in these months he can still keep the home page in the major search engines, although the ranking will be written but always keep home fluctuation. This is why? In fact, the reason is very simple, high quality content at the site in the day and night update required by the user when the daily average has attracted about 400 independent IP, because the content is high quality content is scarce, so even if the site the next day is not updated, but still not forgotten still, it will be the search engine users to search. If you want to climb to the first second websites, so as long as the next day to continue updating can contribute to traffic rise up. From this example we can see that the content of the website, and is very useful for the website, even if the site article is not included, as long as your content is of high quality, so this paper will be 100 weighted, sooner or later will be included. read more

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How to select the appropriate key words to make a website more traffic on their own

1. ensures that someone search


2. to ensure that reduce the difficulty of the optimization

can not be overlooked!

what is the most important?? flow? These are not the main purpose, effective flow of the transformation is the purpose, even if the company has sufficient strength, beyond the scope of the budget will be very popular keywords to the front row, not necessarily the input-output ratio is the best choice. In the face of search users search for a single word, it is very difficult to determine the user’s search motivation and purpose, a search for "Shanghai dragon", it is very difficult to determine who is to search the Shanghai dragon training ah, or just want to understand what is the Shanghai dragon, like the user to provide professional training to Shanghai dragon website no what opportunities into paying customers. read more

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Links need to pay attention to the novice webmaster exchange

2. exchange link time pay attention to the problem, the world is so big what people have, some owners will also use some small means to defraud the Links, such as hidden links, links to you first and then over a period of time to achieve shielding removed, or your friendship chain > by nofollow

many novice webmaster in his early Shanghai dragon in the process, often do not know how to promote their own websites, is full of confusion and unknown to the field, so little love song here as a person has some advice on these novice webmaster, hope can make the novice webmaster to release his confusion and unknown the mood, also let everyone know little knowledge of some basic site promotion and optimization, to help people to help themselves, gifts of roses, hand a fragrance. read more

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