Natpe Thunai Movie Review: Hip Hop Adhi struggles in film stuffed with social messages

first_imgThe words Natpe Thunai say that friendship will travel with you all the way. And the film, in all its chances, could have glorified the importance of friendship, everything from the good, the bad and the ugly. But no, director Parthiban Desingu and writers Sreekanth Vasrp and Devesh Jayachandran have this urge to push it into a mishmash that doesn’t fit any genre. The result is not all that appealing.At the end of the two-hour film, you’d still be struggling to place the film in a genre. Natpe Thunai starts off with Prabhakaran (Hip Hop Adhi) being a jobless guy (Tamil cinema’s staple hero) in Pondicherry, whose only aim is to go to France. But the audience should not expect a reason behind the same. Cut, you see him move to Karaikal (in Pondicherry) after he finds out that his nationality is French (Pondicherry becaue French connection, duh.). Because his grandfather was a French cop.In Karaikal, he meets Deepa (Anagha), a hockey player and situations make him meet coach Shanmugam (a retired military officer who is also a hockey coach). The ground on which the players practice the sport, is going out of their hands because a Mumbai-based pharma company wants to start up a firm and dispose medical waste into the river nearby. Ring a bell? (Bingo if Kaththi’s theme music is running in your mind).Prabhakaran is an international hockey player, but none of the hockey aspirants recognise him. He gets entangled in the situation to save the ground. Throw in some outdated jokes, jarring songs, a hockey match and political messages: you get Natpe Thunai.advertisementThe film is a perfect example of what a sloppy screenplay looks like. Natpe Thunai tries to shove social messages down your throat just for the sake of staying relevant. You get dialogues about Swami Vivekananda, hard work of soldiers, sad state of politics in the country, how cricket gets more attention and the list goes on.With a barrage of social messages all lined up to be mouthed by the characters, you still feel disconnected and cannot take anything seriously. But, there are a few plus points in Natpe Thunai here and there.During the interval sequence, Hip Hop Adhi puts forth his hockey skills (for the first time) and it’s not for him. It’s for the heroine Deepa, whose selection process is underway. Deepa hogs the limelight in the scene, only to be sidelined in the second half of the film. Similarly, the hockey match during the climax has many rousing moments.Karu Palaniappan, as Harichandran, is the politician of today. All he cares about is money and also questions the people of ‘voting for money’.The film also makes fun of the #MeToo movement. Even though it’s a single line, it still belittles the movement that has given strength to many women. A character played by Sha Ra says, “Indha ponna thooka dan aaru pera? Koopta thaana vandhurkume … (Six guys to kidnap this girl? If you had just called her, she’d have come).” Directors and writers need to be called out for writing such sequences which make fun of one’s appearance.Natpe Thunai is Hip Hop Adhi’s second film as a hero and he has improved his acting skills. But he still has miles to go. Other characters played by Bijili Ramesh, ‘Eruma Saani’ Vijay, Sha Ra, Pandiyarajan, Anagha, Kausalya are on the screen for a few scenes and vanish into thin air. This is exactly the problem of Natpe Thunai. It has too many things going on which do nothing for the story.Composer-turned-actor Hip Hop Adhi’s second film as a hero, Natpe Thunai, tries to be everything from a sports film to a comedy venture to a socio-political flick. Unfortunately, the film turns out to be uninteresting for the most part.2.5 stars out 5 for Natpe Thunai.ALSO READ | Vishal on his engagement with Anisha: Happy and blessed foreverALSO READ: Vishal to get engaged to Arjun Reddy actress Anisha Alla Reddy. See picsALSO WATCH | Saroj Khan defends casting couch, gets slammedlast_img read more

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